Keeping your employees safe and productive while on business travel and expatriate assignments requires a series of sound decisions, starting well before a trip begins.

Assistance with your Duty of Care obligations

iJET’s risk management solutions deliver practical, real-time intelligence to travelers, expatriates and corporate decision-makers to protect personnel and address Duty of Care obligations.

Whether you’re building a new travel risk management program or enhancing your current one, our experienced staff can tailor a solution to your requirements, helping you:

  • Monitor and assess global threats to your personnel
  • Quickly locate and communicate with traveling employees, expatriates and dependents
  • Deploy an appropriate response anywhere in the world
  • Review and analyze results for compliance and continuous improvement

Traveler Services

iJET provides the information that employees need, when they need it: before, during, and after their trips.

  • Online Travel Intelligence® and Tips - Employees can better decide when and how to travel
  • Emailed trip briefs - relevant, critical information sent as soon as the trip is booked
  • Threat alerts - Delivered to employees’ phones, PDAs and/or email accounts as threats and disruptive events unfold
  • Global hotline - One number to call, 24x7, from anywhere in the world

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Insights From Our Team

"Enterprise Risk Managers understand that Duty of Care goes beyond tracking personnel. They know it is also about preparation. That is where you can avoid problems in the first place." - Bruce McIndoe, Chief Executive Officer

"Developing risk policies and procedures, preparing and educating personnel, monitoring risks, and knowing where your personnel are at all times is integral to responsible travel management and meeting Duty of Care." - John Rose, Chief Operating Officer

"Meeting Duty of Care obligations and uncovering and managing hidden liabilities begins with identifying risks. Overall, liabilities most often arise out of not doing something. Not educating personnel, not understanding the risks of where you are sending personnel or not knowing how to respond when there is a change in conditions or an actual event" - Charlie Terry, SVP of Product Management and Product Marketing

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