iJET Intel Possible Garment Protests - Dhaka, Bangladesh : Garment workers may stage protests, ceremonies in Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh, April 24 to mark one-year anniversary of...     Bombing April 23 - Cairo, Egypt : Bombing kills senior police officer in 6th of October suburb of Cairo, Egypt, early April 23....     Anti-GST Rally May 1 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia : Major anti-GST rally planned in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Labor Day May 1. Clashes and disruptions likely; avoid all...     Violent Protests April 22 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil : Security personnel begin to pacify violent protests in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 22. Expect lingering traffic...     Labor Day Rallies May 1 - Indonesia : Major rallies planned in Jakarta and other Indonesian cities to mark Labor Day May 1. Expect heightened security....     Protests April 23-25 - Ma'an, Jordan : Protesters in Ma'an, Jordan block roads after security forces kill a man April 22. Additional violent protests possible...     Severe Weather April 23 - Central US : Severe weather forecast for south-central US April 23. Expect flight delays and traffic disruptions. Power outages...     Police Strike Update 1 - Acapulco, Mexico : UPDATE 1: Police strike continues in Acapulco, Mexico. Expect transport disruptions, demonstrations. Increase in crime...     All Scheduled Flights Canceled - Luhansk, Ukraine : All scheduled flights to and from Ukraine's Luhansk International Airport (VSG) have been suspended from April 22...     Landslide Danger - Aosta Valley, Italy : Conditions favorable for major landslide near Italian side of Mont Blanc Tunnel. Passenger and freight service...    
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