It’s not enough for your Crisis Management team to respond to situations as they unfold. The best crisis management is built on plans, prevention and practice. While you can’t anticipate every disruptive event, you can prepare your managers and employees to avoid or minimize the impact of disruptions when they occur.

With more than a decade of experience helping companies to prepare and respond to crises, iJET can develop a plan that best suits your organization’s needs. And Worldcue 24, our emergency communications center, has a global network of response firms.

Global Operations

When emergencies happen and your people are in harm’s way, we will be there to help.

  • Global hotline - One number to call, 24x7, from anywhere in the world
  • Travel, medical & security assistance - For inconveniences and emergencies

Crisis Planning & Management Services

  • Development and review of crisis plans - Reflecting the best crisis-management practices of hundreds of multinational organizations
  • Customized hotline protocols - To ensure we act as an extension of your team
  • Training - For employees, managers and your emergency response team
  • Drills & exercises - So you’re ready when the inevitable happens

Are you interested in creating or updating your company’s contingency plan?  Contact us for help.

Do your employees know…

  • how to pack for safety?
  • when and how to book ground transportation?
  • what to do if travel suddenly becomes restricted?
  • where to find shelter during civil unrest?

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