World Class Partners

iJET aims to deliver world-class integrated risk management solutions that enable our clients to operate globally with confidence. We accomplish our goal by never wavering from our unrelenting focus on quality, innovation and excellence. Our industry leading partners hold the same principles and values and are instrumental in achieving our mission successfully. Together, iJET and its complimentary partners deliver best in class solutions that benefit and add value to our customers. Our partners enable us to deepen and broaden our solution offerings, extend our solutions to wider geographies, and execute globally with precision.

Our partner community encompasses:Medical Assistance, Security Travel, and Financial Services  partners.

Medical Partners

When medical assistance is needed for business travelers and expatriates, iJET and its medical partners are there to help - 24x7 across the globe. iJET’s medical partners are industry global leaders who provide exceptional medical emergency response services. Ensuring a seamless, well-managed, and responsive service requires a trusted professional relationship that can execute with perfection time and time again. iJET and its medical partners expect no less and continually ‘raise the bar’ for exemplary service in the industry.

Security Partners

Safeguarding personnel and operational assets is a core competency of iJET. We take saving lives seriously. There’s no room for error in our mission. We team with the best of the best security companies across the globe to be always ready and always prepared to protect our customers and get them out of harm’s way. Our security partners extend our reach to global locations providing invaluable situational insights and ‘boots on the ground', ready to go resources.

Our approach is to develop relationships with top notch companies that are complementary, mutually benefitting and deliver utmost value to clients. 

If your organization is interested in discussing teaming opportunities with iJET, please contact us.

Travel Partners

iJET partners with industry-leading travel management companies across the globe - whether locally based agencies or global companies to provide business customers with value-added products and services. iJET offers flexible and tailored branding and unique partnering solutions to travel management companies so that they in turn can offer market-differentiating products and services to their business customers.

If your organization is interested in becoming part of iJET's travel risk management partner program, please contact us

Financial Services Partners

Greater insights and a keen understanding of the perils of global threats, natural disasters and other disruptions to travel and business operations have brought insurance protection to the limelight. Duty of Care has also driven the need for organizations to ensure protection for their personnel. Corporate enterprises and individual insurers want the most appropriate insurance tailored and personalized to their unique needs. Likewise, financial providers want to offer a broad portfolio of solutions from trusted providers so that risks can be assuredly avoided or mitigated. Partnering with iJET enables our financial partners to offer a competitively attractive, comprehensive and flexible tailored solutions portfolio.

If your organization is interested in a financial services partnership with iJET, please contact us