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Join iJET Director of Executive Decision Support (XDS), Ayesha Naeem and three of her team members for a webinar focused on some of the preeminent threats facing organizations around the world and solutions the team has delivered in response to these threats.

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The current yellow fever outbreak in South America has reached a mortality rate of 33%, despite the fact that this disease is completely preventable for most people. The International Health Regulations, administered by the World Health Organization, include yellow fever. This means countries can enact, change, or otherwise enhance laws to protect their populations from disease.

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In this program, iJET International CEO and risk management industry expert Bruce McIndoe reveals how you can prepare, monitor and, if needed, respond to protect your most valuable assets – your people.

You will learn how to:

  • Put a plan in place to help your people and your organization avoid disruptions before they occur.
  • Efficiently locate and communicate with your people in the event of a crisis.
  • Reduce your organization’s exposure to global threats while enabling your team to better manage the costs associated with disruptions, lost productivity and liability.
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 Executive off-site events, corporate meetings and industry conferences are high-profile investments for every type of organization. While such events present novel challenges for most organizational leaders, security professionals are uniquely charged with ensuring the same standard of risk management they ordinarily deliver in the headquarters environment. Safeguarding life safety, proprietary products and information, and the corporate brand are essential challenges that are posed in a wide variety of conditions. 

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