What You Always Wanted to Know About Airline Safety, But Didn't Know To Ask

What You Always Wanted to Know About Airline Safety, But Didn't Know To Ask

In iJET’s Airline Safety Webinar, iJET’s transportation security experts will discuss the ways that they evaluate airlines’ operational and safety standards, and will discuss resources that travel and security managers can use to ensure that their employees are traveling on airlines with strong operational and safety standards. The webinar will go beyond the headlines to discuss the capabilities and limitations of various publicly-available airline safety resources. Attendees will come away from the Webinar with a better understanding of how to spot airlines with deficient safety standards, and how to make best use of the resources available to them when trying to choose safe airlines for employee travel.

This webinar highlights:

  • Airline regulations and effect on safety standards
  • Publicly available airline safety resources
  • How to utilize available safety information
  • Other safety issues including aircraft age, differences between low-cost and full-service carriers, regional differences, challenging operating environments and financial difficulties
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