Traveling with Medication: How to Navigate International Law

Traveling with Medication: How to Navigate International Law

With more than 3 billion international travelers annually, a majority pack some sort of prescription or non-prescription medication in the event of illness or injury or to treat a chronic medical condition. How many understand the laws and regulations of the country they are traveling to or transiting through?

Customs and immigrations laws regarding traveling with personal medications range from carrying these medicines in their original, clearly marked containers to lengthy and complicated approvals and documentations from Health Ministries and Consulates. 

Violations range from confiscation and disposal of the drugs to execution. The recent well-publicized case of the Toyota executive jailed in Japan for unknowingly violating Japanese law by bringing in a personal prescription of a narcotic pain medication highlights the need for understanding the intricate and complex rules of travel health.

Learn the do’s and don’ts of how to travel internationally with your medication and where to look for guidance on destination laws.

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