Risk Management for Off-Site Events

Risk Management for Off-Site Events

Risk Management for Off-Site Events

Executive off-site events, corporate meetings and industry conferences are high-profile investments for every type of organization. While such events present novel challenges for most organizational leaders, security professionals are uniquely charged with ensuring the same standard of risk management they ordinarily deliver in the headquarters environment.

Safeguarding life safety, proprietary products and information, and the corporate brand are essential challenges that are posed in a wide variety of conditions. The ever-changing threat environment in today’s world requires a comprehensive assessment of risk and effective planning and preparations for a rapid response.

Risk vulnerability assessments associated with event venues, hotels, restaurants and extracurricular activities are critical in identifying appropriate risk mitigation measures. The ability to respond quickly to an incident or event significantly impacts exposure to personnel and the organization.

Join us for a webinar focused on methodology and activities designed in determining the risk profile of sponsored meetings and events and the development of associated risk mitigation measures.

Key Takeaways:

1. What are the additional considerations for assessing the overall risk profile?

2. What are your organization’s response capabilities?

3. Development criteria for a best practice security plan

4. How effective internal and external communications mitigate risk

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