Managing Medical Emergencies Across The Globe

Managing Medical Emergencies Across The Globe

Are you responsible for global travelers, employees, students, members or expats? Are you confident that they know how to get the appropriate help they need in the event of a medical emergency abroad? Your global citizens are focused on their travel mission. They don’t think about a worst case scenario until it happens. Effective preparedness planning is up to the organization and ensures that you don’t fumble through a life-threatening emergency that will impact the safety or your people or the reputation of your institution. 

Join industry experts, for a dynamic discussion about how to identify and tackle top emergency medical preparedness challenges. We’ll take a deep dive into real-life case studies and define best practices that can help you develop protocols for your organization to successfully navigate a worst case scenario.

If these questions are frequently asked within your organization or keep you awake at night, this webinar discussion is for you:

  • When an accident, illness or injury occurs abroad who do my people call?
  • Where does one go for appropriate care?
  • What is appropriate care?
  • Does one return to their home country and if yes, how? 
  • Does the clinic or hospital require payment before service?
  • Does your health insurance cover your people out of country, network or province?
  • Can they access a medical consultation over the phone or tablet?
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