Just the Right Information, Just the Right Time

Just the Right Information, Just the Right Time

As a risk manager, you need to know where your people are, if they are impacted by a particular threat or crisis, and how to reach them to provide assistance. You need access to this mission-critical information immediately and reliably. In an emergency, you don’t want to bounce between multiple systems to generate and maintain a reliable contact list and account of each person’s status. This can waste valuable time and leave people in harm’s way. In addition, your employees need a simple way to get in touch to check in or request assistance.
How can technology better empower you to quickly and effectively communicate with employees around the world and ensure that you are meeting your duty of care? How can a simple hotline call or check-in from an employee’s mobile phone enable your response team to react to an incident and account for everyone?
Join us for a dive into how technology is enhancing the role of the risk and travel manager.
Key takeaways from this webinar include:
  • Managing a trustworthy list of affected people, bringing together information from a variety of sources, and monitoring the responses in one place
  • Communicating reliably via multiple channels to ensure you reach all affected people globally using email, SMS, voice, and mobile apps
  • Exploring how the same mechanisms can be used to communicate to sets of employees for other reasons besides emergency response, such as announcing a planned fire drill at a specific facility
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