How Will The Future of Water Security Affect Your People and Operations?

How Will The Future of Water Security Affect Your People and Operations?

Water is vital to life and all business operations. Whether it’s individuals traveling across the globe, operations abroad, our food and drinking water, or pharmaceutical, energy, or other production industries, current issues of water security and future concerns over water scarcity will touch us all.
Join iJET’s Senior Director, Health Intelligence, Katherine Harmon, PA-C, for a webinar about the future of water security – the new principal global threat. Katherine will discuss water security challenges, as well as what we as global business leaders can do to help prevent and mitigate threats that have a high probability of causing disruptions to our people, operations and business continuity.
You'll Learn:
  • Specific threats to water security and impacts of water scarcity on a global scale
  • How the future of water security will impact your people and operations
  • What you can do to prepare for and mitigate disruptions including case study examples of successful government and private water management strategies
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