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Citizens of Seven Countries Barred Entry to US by Executive Order; Reciprocal Bans Being Adopted or Considered

On Jan. 27, the US government issued an executive order banning citizens of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen from entering the US for at least 90 days; all Syrian citizens are barred until further notice. The order also suspends the US Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) for 120 days. The Trump Administration has stated that more countries could be added to the travel ban via a presidential proclamation. Reciprocal travel restrictions are possible for US citizens traveling to the blacklisted countries.

LGBT Travel Advice: Marriage and Immigration When Traveling

LGBT travel advice for married same-sex travelers is nearly impossible to provide across the board as laws on homosexuality and social acceptance vary from country to country. Let's take a look at some helpful guidelines for global LGBT travelers who are asked the question "are you married?"

Excessive Drinking In College-aged Populations Abroad

Excessive drinking among students is an issue besetting almost every university campus around the world. University students, regardless of which continent they are on, are susceptible to problematic alcohol usage.
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Traveler Tracking: Upgrade your Study Abroad Program

Student traveler tracking presents a solution to some of the biggest challenges our university clients face, which are centered on properly preparing and effectively tracking student travelers. Many students are novice travelers with limited prior knowledge of potential threats associated with their travel destinations.