Executive Decision Support (XDS)

Executive Decision Support (XDS)

iJET’s XDS delivers tailored analytic products to bring clarity to the difficult questions confronting your organization.

Our custom XDS Solutions are based on proven analytic processes that leverage diverse methodologies, designed to provide our clients with relevant, reliable, timely, and actionable support for more confident strategic, operational, and tactical decisions. iJET delivers forward-looking operational risk and threat assessments, robust due diligence capabilities, tailored travel threat assessments, alerts, and analytic publications specific to your organization’s needs and interests.

Whether you are looking to expand or recalibrate your current operational footprint, analyze the reaction to a recent or planned business decision, judge the impact global and domestic events have on your people, operations, and interests, or assess the risk of partnering with a new organization, iJET’s XDS offerings provide you with the best information available to make high-quality, high-impact decisions.

We offer the following solutions to help you dissect the risks and determine your best move:

  • Location or Site Threat Assessment: Understand the risks and opportunities of a facility in a new location.
  • Market Entry and Operational Risk Assessments: Assess and understand the operating and business environment for entering new markets or the changes and opportunities in existing markets.
  • Online Threat Monitoring: Get early indicators of concern to protect your organization’s reputation or the safety and security of your assets, facilities, and leadership.
  • Scenario Forecasting: Review the range of scenarios that might unfold as they relate to business continuity decisions.
  • Intelligence & Analysis Training: Prepare your team with the knowledge and skills to leverage and create in-house intelligence and analytic products.
  • Business Intelligence Solutions: Go beyond the news and chatter to recognize the threats, opportunities, and effects that domestic and global events have on your people, assets, and interests through forward-looking analytic briefs and products prepared by our staff of analysts.
  • XDS Dedicated Analyst: The XDS Dedicated Analyst Program offers your organization access to an expanded range of tailored intelligence services to answer critical business and security questions.