Worldcue® Translator

Worldcue® Translator

wc translator_embedded in phone.pngThe Personal Multilingual Translation Tool

Ability To Manage Language Barriers While On-the-Go

iJET’s Worldcue® Translator mobile app is an integrated multilingual tool designed to improve your ability to communicate during emergencies or day-to-day situations – even when you are faced with unfamiliar languages.

Worldcue®Translator provides three key levels of translation support:

  • 20,000 phrases across 23 different languages
  • 40,000 professionally recorded audio files
  • Instant live human translation phone line access for support
  • Instant voice translator in 45 languages

Keep Your People Safe and Productive

International travel comes with its own unique set of challenges for traveler and enterprise alike.  An inability to communicate abroad causes frustrations for situations as mundane as speaking to a taxi driver. More critically, it is important to be able to speak with a doctor or communicating a food allergy. With little effort, Worldcue® Translator helps travelers communicate with ease, understand local culture and ultimately get the job done.

Worldcue® Translator delivers a suite of cost-saving tools to help travelers build trusting business relationships and establish rapport with foreign counterparts including:

  • Voice Translator two-way instant voice translation available 24/7
  • Culture Guide understand local customs and business practices
  • Built-in Wi-Fi Dialer to directly call emergency numbers
  • Ability to connect to a live human translator in less than 30 seconds

Voice Translated Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German,  Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Russian, Greek, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Slovak, Swedish.

Safety & Security Benefits

Worldcue® Translator supports Duty of Care needs with pre-and post-trip support for managing language barriers.

  • Instant access to live translation services
  • General safety phrases and content
  • Help to address food allergies
  • International competence
  • Effective business travel

Medical:  Food allergies can lead to sick leave, hospitalization and worse. Worldcue® Translator helps travelers communicate medical issues to avoid emergencies.

Security:  Keep travelers safe, productive and comfortable with instant access to iJET’s security hotline and other critical safety information preventing small matters from escalating into serious emergencies.

Cost-Saving Cultural Benefits

Tipping: Compensating people through tipping is different depending on your destination in the world.  In some places, it is proper to tip 20% and in others, the tip is already included.

Roaming: Depending on your carrier and plan, international telecom roaming charges vary. The built-in Wi-Fi Dialer in the app makes it easy and cost-effective to call home.

Culture: Faux pas can damage credibility and unknowingly break down relationships. Using this  codes will go a long with your foreign counterparts.


WorldCue® TRANSLATOR Overview

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