Critical Trac

Critical Trac™

Operate Globally With Confidence

critcal_image_phone.jpgYour Extended Response Operations Center for 24/7/365 Support

iJET’s Critical Trac™ solution allows you to send employees to high-risk or remote destinations with greater peace of mind.

Two-way communication with one-button crisis and alerting functions put the iJET Global Operations Team at your employees’ fingertips.  No matter how tenuous or unique the situation, iJET is ready with state-of-the-art tools, on the ground intelligence and a global network of experts to provide the most effective assistance possible.

Monitored, tracked and managed in iJET’s Integrated Response Operations Center, Critical Trac™ provides:

  • GPS location tracking with integrated client-specific response protocols
  • User-defined location update options to conserve battery consumption
  • 24/7/365 Monitoring and Response Services for event resolution
  • Geo-fencing capabilities to mark routes and/or locations with protocol-specific alert criteria
  • Audit Trail Report of incidents and corresponding response action

The Critical Trac™ Mobile App – Assistance is at your fingertips:

  • One-button Crisis Alerting
  • One-button Check-in Function
  • Two-way SMS Communication
  • “Keep alive” battery option to maximize battery life
  • Map function to view current location on mobile device
  • User defined tracking settings for precise location tracking

Critical Trac™ Overview

Critical Monitor Overview

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