Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions

Learn how iJET's Mobile Solutions keep travelers and expatriates connected to the information they need wherever they go.

Business travel and expat assignments can expose employees to unfamiliar and disruptive situations. The best way to keep them safe and productive is to keep them informed as events unfold, so they can successfully navigate the world. iJET provides world-class mobile solutions that keep travelers confident, safe and more productive by delivering the information they need to the palm of their hand.

Worldcue Companion®

Sophisticated risk management across all your devices

WC Mobile 2.0 Buttons.jpgAccess to critical operating intelligence is now easier than ever

Worldcue® Companion enables you to identify the potential impact of threats to your organization and quickly communicate with people who may be impacted by an event. This responsive dashboard application provides insight into evolving intelligence, exposure by destination, itinerary and trip details, one-tap communication, easy report downloads, Hotline capability and more.

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Worldcue® Mobile

The Multilingual App for Smart Devices

WC Mobile 2.0 Buttons.jpgGlobal Intelligence® and Assistance On-the-Go

iJET’s Worldcue® Mobile app provides mission-critical intelligence and assistance to your people pre-trip, on location and in an emergency, advancing your Risk Management program.

  • Immediate access to critical information, tools and assistance
  • Quick connection to global hotline services
  • Geolocation in relation to threat incidents
  • Streamlined ability to confirm the safety of your people

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Worldcue® Translator

wc translator_embedded in phone.pngThe Personal Multilingual Translation Tool

Ability To Manage Language Barriers While On-the-Go

iJET’s Worldcue® Translator mobile app is an integrated multilingual tool designed to improve your ability to communicate during emergencies or day-to-day situations – even when you are faced with unfamiliar languages.

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Critical Trac™

Operate Globally With Confidence

critcal_image_phone.jpgYour Extended Response Operations Center for 24/7/365 Support

iJET’s Critical Trac™ solution allows you to send employees to high-risk or remote destinations with greater peace of mind.

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