Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance

iJET’s Medical Assistance partners ensure access to world-class medical care whenever and wherever you need it.

When an injury happens or a health concern arises for travelers, it can be challenging to know where to seek medical help and how to pay for it. iJET’s medical assistance partnerships offer comprehensive care to ensure travelers' medical needs are met 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year – no matter where in the world they are located.  Travelers can connect with knowledgeable medical experts for advice or referrals to the most appropriate facility or provider, ensuring they get the care they need.

iJET partners with your organization to align a medical assistance solution and preparedness plan based on your global footprint and specific medical assistance needs, including:

Global Medical Assistance

  • Medical and dental referral 
  • Coordinate hospital admission 
  • Critical care monitoring
  • Dispatch of prescription medications

Emergency Medical Response

  • Emergency medical evacuations
  • Medical repatriation 
  • Crisis Support
  • Return of mortal remains

Global Travel Assistance

  • Emergency cash
  • Lost document assistance