Global Operations

Global Operations

iJET’s Global Integrated Operations Center (GIOC) is more than a vendor, hotline, or ticking the “Duty of Care” box. We are your trusted advisor for security planning, response and assistance services.

iJET’s Global Integrated Operations Center is a world-class team and set of tools that enable clients to prepare for, monitor and quickly respond to a variety of potential or realized threats in the most effective way possible.

When a critical threat or event impacts your assets, you not only need to know what’s happening, you also need the best advice on what to do next. We partner with your organization to define goals, identify gaps and create a comprehensive internal security program with tailored protocols specific to your enterprise needs. If an emergency evacuation is necessary, we have a network of highly specialized security partners around the world. Our security partners are incorporated into our response operations from the planning phase, providing valuable on-the-ground intelligence and the capability to assist, safeguard and transport impacted personnel. 

iJET’s 24x7 Hotline and Critical Monitor solution serve as the communication and support cornerstones, and our Response Operations Center proactively monitors threats 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, ensuring the best information is available to you during the critical decision-making process. 

Our Global Operations services include:

  • Critical Monitor: We monitor the world on your behalf, providing 24x7 proactive threat monitoring, critical readiness alerts, and advice based on your specific global footprint.
  • Worldcue 24 Hotline: Our highly-trained response coordinators maintain a dedicated 24x7 hotline for security and medical response support, based on your specific protocols.
  • Critical Trac: We offer real-time, continuous GPS tracking of your employees at the individual level, in high-risk areas, providing recourse in the event of an emergency.
  • Response Consulting Services: Our Global Operations consultants can help you build or advance your security programs, allowing you to prepare for, prevent and manage crisis and minimize potential impacts to your organization.
  • Mobile App Communications: Our Worldcue TRAVELER App provides access to timely alerts on threats, important notices specific to your company, destination intelligence, and a quick connect crisis button, keeping your employees safe and informed.