White Papers

Security and Medical Solutions: A Holistic Approach

Combining security and medical assistance solutions into an Integrated Risk Management approach is essential in meeting Duty of Care obligations. iJET’s approach is a continuous, proactive and systematic process to understand, manage and communicate risks from an organization-wide perspective.

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Duty of Care – Are You Covered?

Duty of Care is gaining traction both as a guiding principle among senior executives and as a legal obligation for which organizations must prepare.

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Travel Risk Management & Maturity Model™ (TRM3™)

This white paper discusses Travel Risk Management; details how TRM3 can serve as the basis for assessing any Travel Risk Management program; and provides structured guidance for improving an organization’s Travel Risk Management program.

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OSINT 2.0: The Next Generation in Open Source Intelligence

Investigators can now find answers to most of their elementary information needs using OSINT from professional software products designed and built for that purpose. These products support the complete intelligence lifecycle and user workflows based on established methodologies.

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Universities, Study Abroad Programs and Your Duty of Care

This white paper seeks to highlight a university’s duty of care towards its students, faculty and staff and offers recommendations for decreasing threat exposures, as well as managing associated risks with study abroad travel programs.

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Business Continuity Management: Preparedness is Paramount

Business Continuity Management (BCM) ensures the ongoing viability of the organization through risk management, emergency response, crisis management, and business continuity. Learn why a BCM program is a crucial component to protecting the mission, vision, and values of you organization.

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The Value of Health Intelligence

Discover the value that health intelligence can add to your integrated risk management program - fulfill your legal Duty of Care responsibility by proactively preparing for and regularly monitoring health-related threats specific to your organization’s global workforce.

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Water Security: The New Principal Global Risk

Health and environmental experts consider the current and future status of our water supply to be one of the principal global risks this year, and in the next few decades. Clean, safe water is a resource that many people take for granted. Millions of people daily purchase reasonably priced bottled water; tap water is often used for washing, cleaning and other purposes, without thought as to how much is being used, where the water is returned, whether water is treated for reuse, or the possibility that it could run out. Water security challenges, ranging from misuse to increased urbanization, climate change, and pollution, have threatened many countries’ Millennium Development Goals. Technology, poor access, geopolitical interference, and pricing controls contribute heavily to the fact that many worldwide lack the ability to treat water for use. This white paper provides insight into these and other threats to water security, the current global outlook, successes and proposed solutions.

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