Case Studies

Case Studies

Case Study – iJET Security Operation: On-the-ground in the Aftermath of the Nepal Earthquake

When the devastating 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit near Kathmandu, Nepal on April 25, 2015, the iJET team conducted several operations resulting in successful evacuations for over 20 multinational organizations. iJET advised clients on best security assistance options based on the risk level for each person in order to avoid, mitigate and eliminate potential risks and get everyone home safely. Read the full case study to learn more about iJET’s on-the-ground security assistance capabilities.


Case Study – How to Gain Buy-In to Create a Holistic Travel Risk Management Program

Imagine if you could gain the necessary buy-in to develop a time-saving, holistic risk management program, tailored to your organization’s protocols and global footprint.  As many risk and security managers know, obtaining alignment and buy-in from upper-level management around risk management is crucial to an organization’s success.


Case Study – Female Traveler Security

A business traveler preparedness training solution designed for women, offered as part of an integrated risk management approach.


Case Study – Large Public University

A large public university system maintains thousands of students in various study abroad programs in over 50 countries around the world, and needed an integrated approach to managing these travelers.


Case Study – International Organization Security Preparedness

A large multi-structured client has over 30,000 employees in over 120 offices worldwide, many of who travel to some areas of the world which require special security considerations and rely on iJET’s intelligence to support or add to their existing intelligence.


Case Study – Consumer Goods Company Preparedness

With operations in over 70 countries, the client requires an upgrade in travel risk management programs that would also allow for enhanced communication between the client and the TRM/security provider.


Case Study – Brazil World Cup

By analyzing intelligence and monitoring events 24/7 that could potentially impact clients, conducting round the clock telephonic and email communication with them, and being ready to respond at a moment’s notice, iJET mitigated exposures and helped to ensure business continuity for companies.


Case Study – Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes’ security team saw an opportunity to enter the Iraqi oil market ahead of their competitors and needed in-depth intelligence and expert analysis to gain insight into the situation on the ground. They turned to iJET’s Strategic Decision Support services.


Case Study – Cummins

Cummins’ goal was to expand its global security program under the umbrella of the Cummins Response Center (CRC) to implement a 24/7 virtual response operations center. With 48,000 employees and customers in over 190 countries, Cummins Global Security sought to partner with an intelligence solutions provider to gain a comprehensive understanding of global risk, implement protocols, and be able to respond to threats at any moment.


Case Study – Civil Unrest in Egypt

Amidst the chaos that erupted during Egypt’s June 2013 civil uprising, iJET provided real time intelligence and analysis, monitoring and advice, and operational assistance to numerous clients based in the country.


Case Study – Multinational Manufacturing Company

A multinational manufacturing giant requires a complete and programmatic approach to travel risk management, including situational awareness of global events to support risk-based decision making.


Case Study – McDonald’s Corporation

The challenge for McDonald’s was to build a robust travel risk management program, whereby regions and divisions will be incentivized to join by having the ability to tailor it based on financial, cultural and regional concerns.


Case Study – NASA Johnson Space Center

As risks for traveling employees grew, so did NASA’s interest in finding a fully integrated system that enabled easy traveler tracking, automated trip briefings and historic reports.


Case Study – Rotary International

Rotary International required situational awareness of global events to support risk-based decision making and provide Duty of Care safety measures.


Case Study – South Sudan Evacuation

During the violence that erupted during heavy fighting in South Sudan in December 2013, iJET provided real-time intelligence and analysis, monitoring and advice, and operational assistance to numerous clients based in the country.


Case Study – Ukraine Security Support

Violence spread throughout the capital city of Kiev, threatening to shut down businesses and impact the safety of employees and expatriates. iJET’s “Prepare, Monitor and Respond” philosophy was in full force, giving clients early warning, intelligence and analysis in order to mitigate potential exposures to travelers and ensure business continuity.


Case Study – Westinghouse

In 2007, the company required programmatic support for its growing travel risk management program, including intelligence/security services as well as travel services, geared towards both business travelers and expatriates.


Case Study – Yemen Security Support

iJET quickly responded to the request for assistance by initiating and successfully executing plans for secure medical transport, which included ground transportation and armed security personnel.