Worldcue® Mobile

Worldcue® Mobile

The Multilingual App for Smart Devices

WC Mobile 2.0 Buttons.jpgGlobal Intelligence® and Assistance On-the-Go

iJET’s Worldcue® Mobile app provides mission-critical intelligence and assistance to your people pre-trip, on location and in an emergency, advancing your Risk Management program.

  • Immediate access to critical information, tools and assistance
  • Quick connection to global hotline services
  • Precise location of people at risk
  • Streamlined ability to confirm the safety of your employees

Keep Your People Informed

Business travel and expat assignments can expose your people to unfamiliar and disruptive situations. The best way to keep them safe and productive is to keep them informed as events unfold, so they can successfully navigate the world.

Worldcue® Mobile delivers the information and intelligence your people need:

  • Pushed Alert Notifications immediately tell users about potentially significant events; they can click the notification to go into the app and learn more
  • Alerts* provide full details about threats and events that could disrupt travel or meeting plans; alerts are published for hundreds of global destinations, 24/7
  • Important Notices created by your company, reminding your people of policies and procedures in key locations
  • Destination Intelligence* for hundreds of cities and countries around the world, covering 10 threat categories, so your people know the security, health and transportation climates in advance
  • Navigation Languages available include: English US/UK, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Mandarin, Japanese and German
  • All Employee Access** provides the option to expand risk management support to create a “lifeline” for all your people – including those that are at home and in the office
*NOTE: intelligence content available in English and Japanese.
**NOTE: feature availability depends upon your iJET service subscriptions.

Quickly Connect to Global Assistance

Knowing where your people are is critical to an effective Risk Management program. However, when your employees, travelers or expats experience crisis, they need more than a flight, hotel or rail information. 

For immediate help anywhere in the world, 24/7/365, Worldcue® Mobile connects a distressed person to iJET’s Global Hotline for assistance with a single tap. 

The Crisis Signal button instantly alerts our response team that your employee needs help – while pinpointing their current location. Our expert response coordinators handle each situation according to your organization’s custom protocols.

Advance Your Risk Management Program

Worldcue® Mobile is designed to extend your Risk Management program by simplifying employee access to your program and services. Available at no additional cost* to iJET’s Worldcue® Travel Risk Management and Expat Risk Management clients, the Worldcue® Mobile app puts important intelligence and assistance directly in the hands of all your people, regardless of their location. 

The Quick Connect buttons can be directed to iJET or your own Response Services through the Hotline, Crisis Signal or Safety Check-In features.

*NOTE: feature availability depends upon your iJET service subscriptions.

Worldcue® Mobile Overview

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