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October, 2017

Emergency Preparedness for Meetings | Meetings & Conventions
Published On 10/01/2017

Our mission at iJET is to increase our clients' confidence and readiness to operate globally and securely. Safety is a collaborative effort, however. While an organization like ours can provide destination and travel intelligence to reduce risk, meeting organizers should have all of the following information and resources at the ready.


Top 25 Women in the Meetings Industry | Meetings & Conventions
Published On 10/01/2017

Meetings & Conventions third annual Top 25 Women in the Meetings Industry shines the spotlight on these outstanding professionals wo've demonstrated extraordinary talent, leadership, creativity and advocacy in the field. "Most of the time, planners tend to assume that the event venue has responsibility," says Theresa Thomas, senior vice president of Powered by iJET. But in too many cases, she adds, planners aren't really doing their due diligence to ensure the venue has things covered. Executives realize this needs to change and planners can benefit themselves and their organizations by stepping up collaborative preparedness efforts.

September, 2017

The Stranded Traveler’s Disaster Plan | Wall Street Journal
Published On 09/20/2017

iJET International, a security advisory firm for corporations, universities, government and nongovernmental agencies, organized evacuations for about 900 people from several areas of Texas, Florida and the Caribbean.  iJET sent a team to Antigua to coordinate evacuations and move from island to island to get people out. Chartered aircraft and boats took evacuees to Puerto Rico, normally a good staging place for evacuees because it has lots of hotels and a big airport.  Still, not everyone got out. “In some cases we needed to tell clients, ‘You need to hunker down,’ ” says George Taylor, vice president of global operations for the Annapolis, Md., company.

More Business Travelers Go 'Rogue,' Booking on Their Own | New York Times
Published On 09/04/2017

“Fifty to 60 percent of hotel bookings always existed outside,” said John M. Rose, the chief operating officer of iJET International. “People of different generations are traveling who are used to everything being at their fingertips.” Compliance, he added, “is hard to mandate.”

Countering Effects of New Age Terrorism on Business and Travel | Security Magazine
Published On 09/01/2017

Mike Payne, CPP, iJET senior advisor, organizational resilience, global operations writes - Businesses must expand their abilities in countering the effects of ‘new age’ terrorism to ensure that their assets remain available and effective to succeed in today’s rapidly expanding global marketplace. The growing frequency of terror-related events and their resulting effects are due in part to the threat’s ability to rapidly change targets and methodologies. Terror organizations now leverage everyday media tools to enhance the motivation and capabilities of their followers while the security industry lumbers behind in mitigating this asymmetrical threat with conventional measures.

August, 2017

Providers Pivot and Partner in Travel Risk Mgmt. | The Company Dime
Published On 08/25/2017

Breaking into travel risk management is no easy task.  One startup whose leaders spoke at the 2016 Global Business Travel Association convention pivoted away from TRM.  Some are focusing on one TRM component and partnering for others.  It’s an active sector, with a few providers now targeting the small and medium enterprise market for the first time.  Heavyweight iJET International this year and last made three acquisitions.  In May 2016 it bought the WorldAware brand and book of business from Aon.  Later in 2016, iJET acquired U.K.’s red24.  This month it announced the purchase of Prescient Traveler…

Colombia's Insecurity Likely to Persist Despite FARC Disarmament | Dow Jones News
Published On 08/19/2017

Charlise Harris, intelligence analyst-Americas with iJET International writes - The United Nations Mission in Colombia announced June 26 that the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) had completed its disarmament. The FARC has relinquished most of its territory and former guerrillas are beginning the process of rejoining Colombian society. Subscription required.

Barcelona Terror Attack | FOX 45 News Baltimore (WBFF)
Published On 08/18/2017

John Rose, COO of iJET International discusses the importance of being vigilant and prepared if your surroundings change unexpectantly.  What red flags to watch for and what to do if you find yourself in a threatening environment.

iJET Acquires Prescient Traveler Technology | Business Travel News
Published On 08/16/2017
iJET purchased Prescient Traveler technology from the broader compliance and risk mitigation firm Prescient. While iJET has specialized in early notice/advance warning of potential risk and disruptions for travelers, Prescient Traveler provides near real-time information to travelers as incidents occur, iJET president Bruce McIndoe told BTN.
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July, 2017

Operational Risk Management in Today's Dynamic Asymmetrical Environments | Security Director Magazine
Published On 08/15/2017

Mike Payne, CPP, iJET senior advisor, organizational resilience, global operations writes - Regardless of industry, the need to treat Operational Risk Management as an organizational process has become essential. This risk process provides clarity in identifying, prioritizing, and balancing the risk in any opportunity pursued. Of the many benefits, reducing the impacts of undesirable events is foremost. page 63