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May, 2017

Cenk Sidar Discusses Erdogan's Visit to the US | CGTN - The Link
Published On 05/16/2017

Cenk Sidar, iJET International senior director, global intelligence  discusses Turish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan visit to the U.S and his meeting with President Trump. 

Retail Business Travel Safety Tips and Hotel Recommendations | Loss Prevention Magazine
Published On 05/09/2017

Bruce McIndoe, CEO of iJET International, said that because terrorism remains a low probability threat to international business travelers—far lower than day-to-day criminal activity or fire—it’s still best to stay in international chains because they typically have higher standards for general safety and security. 

Cyber Travel Tips | Security Management Magazine Online
Published On 05/01/2017

Before packing your laptop, Bruce McIndoe, CEO of integrated risk management company iJET, recommends doing some device cleansing.   “That’s the first level of defense when you are getting ready to leave on a trip—slim down and remove as much data as you can,” he says. 

Risk Management: Preparing for Worst-Case Scenarios | Insurance & Financial Meetings Magazine Online
Published On 05/01/2017

George Taylor is a member of the Global Business Travel Association Risk Committee and vice president of global operations for iJET International, an integrated risk management provider. For meeting planners, he has found, “The average threat is illness, car accident or crime.” Establishing where the nearest hospital is, liaising with local police to determine where pickpockets might be lurking, designating someone to step in if the event planner is taken ill: these are just a few of the precautions that have become routine. 

April, 2017

How to Protect Your Corporate Data While Traveling | Tech Republic
Published On 04/28/2017

Bruce McIndoe, iJET International CEO discusses cybersecurity travel safety, including tips on the biggest cybersecurity concerns and precautions to take, the frequency of cyber security attacks and how to avoid them, mobile device security and more. 

Tourism Presses On After Paris Shootings | Travel Pulse
Published On 04/21/2017

“People can’t just go to their basement and stay there because there have been some bombings and killings,” said George Taylor, the vice president of global operations of iJET International, a globally integrated risk management company.

Travel Risk Management Models | Business Travel News
Published On 04/19/2017

Companies can track travelers by sending and approving travel requests through email, but that can become overwhelming, especially in crises. The most effective way is for a TMC to integrate with a corporation's travel booking-and-request process to gather the data, said iJET vice president of global operations George Taylor.

Expert Advice on Traveling Safe in the 21st Century | Travel Pulse
Published On 04/17/2017

Following a week that included bombings in Egypt and Stockholm, I asked George Taylor, the vice president of global operations of iJET International—a globally integrated risk management company—how travelers can improve their security while traveling.

Safety, Security & Sanctuary | Air Med and Rescue Online
Published On 04/04/2017

According to John Rose, chief operating officer of iJET International, there are two main threats to ambulance crews. Firstly the threat of robberies, "because they possess equipment and medicine that is highly valuable on the black market"; “South Africa just put restrictions on where air ambulances can land for this reason. Air ambulances should be landing on airstrips with extra security. Often on remote airstrips there is the risk of criminal robbery

March, 2017

Laptop Ban' Prompts Review of Travel, IT Policies | The Company Dime
Published On 03/29/2017

IJET International suggested “a moderate likelihood” that U.S. or U.K. officials modify the list of impacted airports “in the coming weeks.” There also is “a moderate-to-high likelihood” that other countries announce similar restrictions.  iJET added that restrictions likely won’t change until authorities deploy new ways to screen larger electronic devices at passenger checkpoints.