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December, 2017

AmEx Names Business Travel Danger Spots | MICEBTN
Published On 12/06/2017

iJET and American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) partnered on a Business Travel Alert Map that highlight the highest-risk cities visited by Australian business travelers. iJET analyzed all air travel reservations made through GBT by Australian travelers from March 2016 to February 2017. In this article, the five highest risk cities from iJET's analysis are profiled.

Whatever You Do, Don't Go Outside | The Daily Telegraph
Published On 12/04/2017

As destinations once perceived as safe are becoming increasingly risky, it is imperative for companies to have access to around-the-clock intelligence and technology to locate and communicate with employees. John Rose, iJET's COO, addresses the changing security landscape and the need for organizations to have up-to-date intelligence on security concerns for places their employees are visiting or working.

Beware of the U.S.? | Security Magazine
Published On 12/01/2017

Should citizens from other countries be concerned about traveling to the U.S.? Security Magazine tackles this question and dissects why other countries are warning their citizens about travel to the U.S. in this interview with iJET's editor-in-chief of content for Global Intelligence, Ed Daly, 

November, 2017

AI's Role in Future of DevOps Provokes IT Industry Agita | Search IT Operations
Published On 11/08/2017

iJET CTO, Nuno Pereira, talks about artificial intelligence, IT monitoring, automation and data.

October, 2017

Ed Daly on Travel Advisories | WJR Radio
Published On 10/25/2017

Ed Daly, Editor in Chief of iJET International’s Global Intelligence Division, discusses travel advisories by foreign countries for their citizens traveling to the United States.

Several Countries Issue Travel Advisories About US Citing Natural Disasters, 'Political Violence' | Fox News
Published On 10/24/2017

Several countries have issued warnings recently to would-be U.S. tourists about safety. iJET's editor-in-chief, Ed Daly, spoke with Fox News about these travel warnings, concerns about violence and the impact of recent events, including natural disasters and violence, on the U.S. tourism industry.

Vacationing in the United States? Be Warned, Some Countries Say | New York Times
Published On 10/20/2017

While warnings for travel to the United States aren’t new, they have picked up significantly in the last few weeks, following these events, said Ed Daly, who oversees the content for the Global Intelligence Division of iJET International, a travel intelligence firm based in Annapolis, Md. “After a lull, there was a rash of incidents which happened one after the other and led to these advisories,” he said.

Under new ownership, red24 continues to help expats and biz travelers in world's 'danger zones' | International Investment
Published On 10/11/2017

One of the realities of being an expatriate in 2017 is that the world is an increasingly dangerous place. Even once seemingly sleepy jurisdictions are increasingly fraught with tribal conflicts, the rise of religious fundamentalism, political instability, and a widening gap between the wealthiest and poorest citizens. Here, Charlotte Beugge looks at how the little-reported acquisition last year of one of the best-known of a handful of companies that help to look after expats and business travellers in the world’s danger zones – red24 – has, if at all, affected the business and its range of services, some of which are offered by insurers including April International, Aetna and Allianz Worldwide Care to their own international clients, as part of their coverage. 

What Americans Need to Know About Travel to Turkey | The New York Times
Published On 10/10/2017

iJET's Jim Duck, a senior intelligence analyst, recently spoke with The New York Times regarding the governments in both Turkey and the United States abruptly suspending visitor visas between the two countries. Read what experts have to say about the increasing tensions between the two countries, how long visa suspensions are expected to last, and whether or not it is safe to visit Turkey at this time.

Don't Expect to See Major Security Changes at Casinos Following Las Vegas Shooting | NY Daily News
Published On 10/10/2017

As new details about the deadly Las Vegas shooting emerge, hotels and casino properties continue to grapple with how to deal with security and guests who are a potential threat. Gunman Stephen Paddock shot security guard Jesus Campos in the leg before he killed at least 58 concert goers from his Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino hotel room, police said Monday night.