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June, 2018

Russia's World Cup : Will Vladimir Putin Keep the Peace? | USA Today
Published On 06/14/2018

Russia still enforces a law banning “gay propaganda” which has been interpreted as an attack on the LGBT community. Supporters of the statute claim it protects the minds of children from corruption but it has been denounced by human rights groups. “LGBT fans traveling to Russia face potential harassment from locals over public displays of affection,” Jonathon Keymer, a travel risk expert who monitors Russia for iJet International, said. “There is not widespread tolerance.” The intolerance extends to racism. Russia’s soccer authorities were sanctioned after black players from France were targeted with racist chanting during a game between the teams in St. Petersburg in March.

Russia Travel Warnings Rising as FIFA World Cup Approaches | Travel Market Report
Published On 06/05/2018

In the shadows of recent geopolitical events and cyber security breaches involving Russia, it’s no surprise that various authorities are beginning to raise concerns for Westerners heading off to the World Cup soccer tournament this month.

In answer to questions from Travel Market Report, security and medical evacuation provider iJet International said, “Ongoing diplomatic tensions between Russia and Western countries could encourage individual police officers to be particularly strict with certain nationalities when implementing local laws.”

May, 2018

The Risk Reward | Business Travel Executive
Published On 05/31/2018

Travel risk managers are in a unique position to help safeguard employees during business travel. Yet in today's complicated world, how exactly do they go about doing that? It's not just disruptions they must worry about; it's compliance, budgets, training, education, sometimes even tax codes. Suffice it to say, travel managers need a straightforward framework to create a travel risk management policy. Otherwise, they run the risk of being overwhelmed and the TRM program becoming ineffective. 

How to Protect Employees from Travel Risk | Raconteur
Published On 05/29/2018

Statistically, the risk of being caught up in an act of terror or natural disaster remain remote, but widespread political instability and a spate of recent terrorist attacks in European cities have naturally led to greater vigilance. Many individuals are now more anxious, exercising precautions to keep themselves out of harm’s way. Companies must protect their business travellers from the same risks, making sure they take appropriate steps to reduce risk and are fully prepared to deal with any emergency that may arise. Both travel management companies and risk management organisations are playing their part in helping to manage travel risk. 

Best Practice Tip: Include This Duty-of-Care Global Forecast in Your 2019 Forecasting | Meetings & Conventions
Published On 05/22/2018

In 2017 through early 2018, we partnered with iJET International to do a joint research project on risk management and duty of care. This initiative resulted in an e-report called Achilles Heel: Meetings & Events Risk Management Lags Corporate Travel Programs. The overall findings revealed that most meetings and events decision makers are not meeting minimum risk-management or duty of care standards for attendees. 

Are You Ready for the Unexpected? You Will be After Northeastern Preparedness Day 2018 | News at Northeastern
Published On 05/08/2018

There’s one way to drastically increase your ability to handle a crisis: Be prepared. And the Northeastern community is getting a crash course in preparation. ...Participants will learn how to save SimMan 3G. They’ll also learn how to send him safely on a business trip. The international risk management company iJET will lead a discussion on the dos and don’ts of international business travel—from choosing a hotel stay to honoring differences in culture. 

Published On 05/04/2018

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other law enforcement agencies in the United States have issued several warnings related to virtual kidnapping in recent months. This extortion technique has become more prevalent in the US and Mexico since 2013, where the number of reported cases has increased substantially.

Wealthy South Africans could be the next target, warn kidnapping experts | Times Live
Published On 05/02/2018

Wealthy and prominent South Africans could soon become the next target of international kidnapping syndicates who are terrorizing foreigners living in the country. That’s the warning sounded by research and global kidnapping monitoring organization, Red24. Red24, which is part of the global risk management company iJet, tracks and monitors incidents of kidnapping and extortion.

April, 2018

Event Security Takes on Fresh Importance for Meeting Planners | Skift
Published On 04/04/2018

Meeting planners face a number of challenges in 2018 but given growing safety threats across the world, event security has taken on a newfound importance across the industry. Safety and security risks come from natural disasters, data security breaches, and even food safety issues. The most dramatic threats, however, can come from domestic and international terrorism, according to experts.


A Travel Agent Guide to Selling High-Risk Travel | Travel Age West
Published On 04/01/2018

Prepare your clients for the unexpected and arm them with the tools to stay safe. ... Other subscription-based services provide travel advisors with destination intel, including Intelliguide, Travel42 (both owned by Northstar Travel Group, the parent company of TravelAge West), iJET and others. A relationship with an on-the-ground tour operator or specialist is also paramount, especially if a client is interested in a destination that tends to stay below the tourist radar.