iJET Product Categories


The value of intelligence is determined by its accuracy and timeliness. Our 24x7 global monitoring mission keeps you aware of developing and ongoing situations around the world. Take advantage of the variety of iJET intelligence subscriptions available to keep your organization running without disruptions.


Organizations with global operations that require their people to travel, live and work around the world face unique security and health risk management challenges such as which prescriptions are legal in which countries and unique security threats to female and LGBT populations. Ensure your people know before they go. Choose from a variety of in-depth analysis reports or inquire about commissioning your own custom report.

Subscription Bundles

Preparedness is the best way to mitigate risks to your global business operations and people. iJET’s product bundles combine multiple industry-leading iJET intelligence subscriptions with our best-in-class Worldcue® Risk Management Platform for proactive risk monitoring. Protect your people and save time and costs with the ability to quickly understand the magnitude and potential impact of threats and take appropriate action to minimize disruptions.