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Worldcue® Intel Central

Our comprehensive intelligence provision gives you the decision-making advantage.

The value of intelligence is determined by quality sources, thoughtful analysis and contextualized insights. iJET’s team of regional and subject matter experts have extensive experience in their fields. The analytical team come from a variety of backgrounds including the military, government intelligence agencies, health, academia, NGO’s and the private sector, and combine both experience and education to give exceptional insight into understanding and delivering astute and actionable intelligence.

Worldcue® Intel Central is an online platform that provides access to a range of our intelligence products. The system has been built responsively, so it can be accessed on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Efficient search options and an intuitive layout make it easy to quickly find the information you need, while can also opt to receive regular emails of new content that is added to the system.

Modules available:

Health Intelligence

Stay aware of health developments worldwide that could impact your people

  • Astute monitoring and analysis: to keep you aware and informed of health concerns that could affect your organization and people across the globe, 24/7.
  • Get a clear digestible message: knowing how complex and intricate health-related matters can be, we aim to deliver actionable analysis in jargon-free, balanced language.
  • Research by country: location-specific health information on over 200 countries and territories around the world
  • Risk mapping: access iJET’s proprietary Health Security Assessment Ratings (HSARs) on an interactive world map
  • Stay informed of events: see alerts of any unfolding health-related outbreaks or incidents
  • Get better insight into issues: the system is continually updated with focused articles around recent health concerns
  • Research what you need: read our extensive disease factsheets and advice to increase your preparedness in avoiding and dealing with health issues.

Strategic Outlook

Minimize operational risk with strategic outlook’s insightful analysis  

  • Make informed decisions: with global security and geopolitical analysis of developments around the world that may impact on organizational operations in the near-term.
  • Get context: our analytical assessments will help you understand key regional developments on every continent, seeing beyond the immediate "fires" to comprehend the broader implications of these issues, allowing you the insight to plan ahead and minimize potential threats.
  • Risk mapping: access iJET’s proprietary Country Security Assessment Ratings (CSARs) on an interactive world map – giving you a quick reference tool to view global risks
  • Know what’s coming up: check dates on our calendar of upcoming events around the world that may impact safety, security or travel – so you can plan around it.

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