Worldcue® Communicator

Worldcue® Communicator

Communicate quickly and easily with your people to ensure their safety.

iJET’s Worldcue® Communicator for Worldcue Companion® makes it easy for you to identify and engage in a two-way communication with your personnel. From a convenient dashboard, you’ll be able to monitor the responses, putting you in position to confirm their safety or provide assistance expediently.

Features Include:

  • Real-time Notifications: to alert you of significant developments worldwide as they occur, so you are always informed about what could impact your personnel and operations
  • Location-specific Information Alongside the Active Alert: lets you quickly identify which persons may be impacted by the threat so you can make better informed decisions.
  • Send Customized Messages to Personnel: impacted by an incident via SMS, email, or in-app push notification to Worldcue® Mobile and ask them to confirm their safety or indicate if they need assistance through any of these communication channels
  • Response Dashboard: Monitor all responses on your Worldcue Companion dashboard so you know whether your people are safe. If the need for assistance is indicated, or no reply is received, appropriate contingency plans can be put into action
  • Flexible Communications: allow you to remain in control of the process. The recipient list can be amended as needed and messages can be set to resend at a specified interval until a reply has been received
  • Comprehensive Event Reporting: on the overall status of each individual throughout the duration of the event, and access to detailed history of the event, including sequence analysis, responses, and other actions for post-incident reviews.


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