Clone of Executive Decision Support (XDS)

XDS Dedicated Analytical Support Program

The XDS Dedicated Analyst Support Programs offer your organization access to an expanded range of tailored intelligence services to answer critical business and security needs.  Our Dedicated Analysts embed directly into a your corporate security or business departments, where they develop an awareness of a your company’s footprint, vulnerabilities, interests, and culture. Analysts work with your stakeholders to develop intelligence products tailored to support your organization’s mission.

Standard support can include:

  • Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Intelligence Briefs, tailored to client-specific locations or topics
  • Location Threat Assessments
  • Market Entry Assessments
  • Investigation Support
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Global Outlook Reports
  • Itinerary-Based Threat Assessments

Analytical Support and Standardized Intelligence Methods

Dedicated Analysts provide a cost-effective and flexible means to leverage a robust intelligence shop to meet the tactical, operational, and strategic intelligence needs of your business. iJET’s analysts are drawn from a uniquely trained team of analysts and subject matter experts, and are prepared to immediately begin developing and delivering tailored intelligence and supported by iour24x7 Global Integrated Operations Center.

iJET’s analysts work through a Senior Intelligence Manager, who provides day-to-day oversight of the analytical workflow and product development to ensure a high quality of service. Analysts apply proven tradecraft to provide intelligence that serves stated and evolving requirements. They follow a systematic six-step cyclical process, DECODE, to transform information into judgments and insights.

  • Define – Work with the client company to define the challenge by matching intelligence questions to business decisions to minimize uncertainty and optimize opportunity.
  • Explore – Develop and execute a robust and innovative collection plan.
  • Compile – Inventory and processe all information collected, assessfor reliability, and then identify gaps and compare to previously collected data.
  • Objective Analysis – Apply structured analytic techniques to turn data into predictive, actionable insights.
  • Deliver – Provide solutions to the client stakeholders in a medium that accounts for the specific decision maker’s needs and the client’s business culture.
  • Evaluate – Evaluate the process internally and with the client to identify information gaps, drive the next round of analysis, and improve methods for future solutions.

XDS puts a premium on collaboration and partnership with our clients. Our guiding principle is to conduct our analysis with our client’s needs in mind.