Worldcue® Companion

Worldcue Companion®

Access to critical operational intelligence and threat exposure is now easier than ever across all your devices.

Worldcue Companion® enables you to monitor and quickly communicate with people who may be impacted by an event.

Features Include:WC Mobile 2.0 Buttons.jpg

  • At-a-glance Alert Feed and Impact Count: quickly identify the potential impact of threats to your organization, including information about who may be at risk
  • High-Risk and VIP Travel Metrics: provides a dashboard with at-a-glance counts of traveling VIPs and those people who are traveling to high-risk locations, with the ability to drill down and obtain immediate visibility into potential threats
  • Integrated Crisis Signal and Safety Check-in: signals and check-ins initiated by individuals using the Worldcue Mobile app can be seen at a glance on the dashboard. Now risk managers can determine the status of personnel from their smart phone or tablet at any time of the day
  • My Locations Filter: quickly filter the Alert Feed to show only the alerts for your selected locations
  • Dynamic Intelligence, on the go: view location-specific alerts, destination intelligence and security ratings for hundreds of cities and countries around the world
  • Identify Potential Exposure by Destination: quickly view list of people by location (country or city) alongside active Alerts and destination intelligence to make better-informed decisions
  • Full Itinerary and Assignment Details: quickly assess a threat’s impact on your people’s air, hotel, rail or car plans, including those on expat assignment
  • Easy Access to Contact Information: get up-to-date contact information for any person in the event of an emergency
  • AXA Assistance Medical Provider Search*: expedite the search for the closest and most appropriate AXA Assistance medical providers during an emergency situation
  • Access to your organization's Hotline Phone Number**: one-tap connects you with iJET’s Global Integrated Operations Center team to quickly triage calls from your people around the globe and ensure they get the assistance they need for any travel, security or medical issues
  • Worldcue® Communicator: In the event of a threatening incident, you can immediately send out a message to your people in the affected area via SMS, email and in-app push notification with Worldcue® Mobile. Recipients can then confirm their safety or need for assistance using any of those channels to reply. An intuitive dashboard provides real-time insight into messages sent and responses received.
* Available only to mutual AXA-iJET customers
**Hotline access available as part of Worldcue®24 or Worldcue® Mobile Hotline subscription.