Life at iJET

Life at iJET

There’s never a dull moment at iJET. large_INTEGRATED_RiskMgmt_View_shutterstock_110213015.jpg

As a leading Integrated Risk Management provider, iJET’s vision is to enable organizations to see and approach risk differently, setting a new standard for how they operate globally. We have a living, breathing, 24x7 Global Integrated Operations Center (GIOC) at our core. And our fast-paced corporate culture demands intelligent and creative-minded people like you.

Whether you are researching and analyzing world events, developing life-saving technology or ensuring a client has preparedness protocols in place, every employee is part of iJET’s overall mission to enable our clients to operate globally with confidence.

Hear it right from the source - iJETers talk about how they have grown within the company and what they like best about working with iJET.

Our workspaces are designed for collaboration and innovation. large_INTEL_GroupCollaboration_shutterstock_145570312.jpg

Whether you work in iJET’s Annapolis, MD, headquarters or Herndon, London or Singapore, our office spaces are thoughtfully designed for cross-team collaboration and efficiency. We have lounge spaces throughout our facilities and encourage employees to use these spaces to eat lunch away from their desks and collaborate with coworkers.

Our headquarters facility boasts a cutting-edge iJET Labs technology lab and state of the art Global Integrated Operations Center. We also offer e-learning and on-site training opportunities for employees through our iJET University training department.

Our innovation is backed by proven processes.

Although we seek to employ pioneers, innovators and visionaries, we are tethered to the pragmatic world by tested, repeated methodologies and processes that set the parameters for our work. iJET uses the Agile method and SAFe Dev process to quickly adapt current and new products to client feedback and the changing market.