Working at iJET Labs

Working at iJET Labs

Welcome to iJET Labs – the product research and development division of iJET International, comprised of innovation centers located in Maryland, Virginia, and London.

At iJET Labs, we do the kind of challenging and meaningful work that inspires creative technology professionals to push boundaries. In our industry, keeping people safe and preserving business continuity are paramount.

iJET Labs develops life-saving technology that allows multinational organizations to operate globally with confidence and empowers chief risk officers to make more informed decisions. We engineer the technology that deploys up-to-the minute critical intelligence alerts, enabling employees and expatriates to travel to high-risk and remote destinations knowing they have a life-line in the event of a crisis. 

The innovation centers are connected by a fast-paced culture where problem solvers and risk takers thrive. We provide our staff with the latest technology, tools and training. We encourage employees to dream bigger and promote based on merit.  

As an Agile company, our teams leverage SAFe and DevOps processes to continuously deliver innovative SaaS products to market.

We live in an time whereby we have access to unlimited computing power with the cloud and pervasive sensing capability with our phones that can be leveraged to help our mission. Anybody joining us right now is essentially going to be touching the most sophisticated technology available from cloud services to mobile development."

-- Nuno Pereira, CTO

CTO Nuno Pereira talks about iJET Lab's formula for creating innovative products in the risk management industry, combining the brightest people and with the best resources available.