iJET Special Report: Catalonia, Spain Protest

Special Report - Spain: Political Tensions in Catalonia Unlikely to Pose Direct Threat to Foreign Businesses or Travelers

Heightened political tensions, street protests, and strikes by labor organizations will probably persist in Spain's Catalonia region over the coming several weeks as the regional administration in Barcelona pursues its goal of holding a referendum on independence.  With the plebiscite currently slated for Oct. 1, the government in Madrid has taken a number of controversial steps to prevent the vote, drawing push-back from Catalonian President Charles Puigdemont and pro-independence activists.

Special Report - US: Healthcare Delivery Normalizing in Southeastern Texas following Passage of Hurricane Harvey

Healthcare delivery systems in southeastern Texas have begun to normalize following the passage of Hurricane Harvey, which made landfall on Aug. 25 and caused catastrophic flooding, especially in the Greater Houston area. Despite widespread reports of medication shortages and severe impact to local pharmacies and clinics, the rapid implementation of mitigation strategies appears to have been largely effective. Healthcare delivery systems will likely continue to improve in the coming weeks as floodwaters recede, while the risk of infectious diseases could become more severe. 

Special Report - US: Flooding to Inundate Gulf Coast through Early September, Even as Rainfall Abates

Tropical Storm Harvey has made its final landfall and will weaken over the next several days. However, the storm will continue to bring life-threatening weather conditions to southeastern Texas and southern Louisiana over the coming days.The widespread flooding will likely continue throughout the region into at least early September.

Special Report - US: More Flooding Predicted after Hurricane Harvey Devastates Parts of Gulf Coast

A long-duration, catastrophic flood event is ongoing in the Greater Houston area in Texas following the landfall of Hurricane Harvey. As of Aug. 28, some areas had received more than 76 cm (30 inches) since Harvey came onshore Aug. 25, and another 38-63 cm (15-25 inches) of precipitation is possible through Sept. 1. Some waterways have risen to, or exceeded, 500-year flood levels, and record flooding has occurred in many locations.