Traveling with Diabetes

Traveling and Living Well With Diabetes

November 14 is designated as World Diabetes Day, an awareness campaign promoting prevention, testing, and treatment at all stages of disease development. Personal diabetes-related supplies, medication, and equipment may cause confusion and delays at some airport screening checkpoints. Diabetes testing supplies may be difficult to obtain or unavailable in many countries. Read on for tips on traveling with diabetic testing supplies, adapting to differing climates, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle while abroad.
Plague Outbreak in Madagascar

Plague Outbreak in Madagascar: Should I Panic?

Many media outlets are sensationalizing the current plague outbreak in Madagascar and its risk of spreading to neighboring countries. According to the most recent situation report from the WHO, dated Oct. 31, plague activity in Madagascar is decreasing following the implementation of coordinated and strategic approaches to prevent, detect, and control disease activity. As of Oct. 30, health officials have identified approximately 1,800 plague cases, including 127 related deaths, since the start of the outbreak in August. Disease activity has occurred in multiple regions, though the majority of cases have occurred in Analamanga Region.

iJET International Supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Nearly 250,000 men and women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year alone. That could be a family member, friend, neighbor, or colleague. Survivors and caregivers serve as a ray of light for those fighting against the disease. To honor and celebrate breast cancer survivors and their caregivers, iJET International turned to its employees to spread a message of hope during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, encouraging them to donate in exchange for pink ribbons that were then decorated throughout the office.
Emergency Evacuation Plan

Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse FAQ

Intro: In 2011, the US CDC created a blog post on “Zombie Apocalypse preparedness”. This tongue-in-cheek blog was initially meant to capitalize on the resurging popularity of zombie-related movies and television programs and create an awareness for general disaster preparedness and mitigation. Since 2011, the US CDC has maintained its “zombie” awareness page and campaign, adding to it each year in an effort to reach the masses and educate about all types of preparedness. iJET International would like to take this opportunity on Halloween (All Hallows Eve) to present questions and answers on why preparation for a zombie apocalypse may save your life!