Visiting Cuba: Tourists Lining Up to Visit Cuba, but Many Obstacles Remain

Travel companies and development agencies project that millions of US citizens will visit Cuba in the next decade. Knowing what to expect can help travelers avoid some of the biggest pitfalls.

LGBT Travel Security Concerns

For members of the LGBT community, some places–those with openly hostile government policies, and those with deeply-rooted anti-LGBT sentiment–present a different threat environment than they do for non-LGBT travelers. By taking steps to understand how anti-LGBT sentiment might manifest itself in a given destination, LGBT travelers should be able to make informed judgements about how to guide their travel, and how to protect their safety.

Egypt: Reports of Terrorist Involvement in Egyptair Flight 804 Crash Remain Speculative

Egyptair (MS) Flight 804 departed Paris' Charles De Gaulle Airport (CDG) at 2321 CEST, approximately 35 minutes late, and was scheduled to arrive at Cairo International Airport (CAI) at 0240 EET. The flight had 56 passengers and 10 crew members onboard, including three Egyptair security personnel. The Egyptian civil aviation minister's relatively quick and unsubstantiated statement that the crash of MS804 was more likely a terrorist act than a technical fault reinforces concerns about the Egyptian civil aviation authorities' neutrality and prudence, even if he is ultimately proved correct.

Rio 2016 Olympic Games Preparation

Vice President Michel Temer assumes presidency in Brazil with an uncertain future. In contrast to the international community's focus on Brazil's preparedness for the Games, many Brazilians are more concerned with whether their government will collapse or if corruption will continue to run rampant among the political elite.