Live from Rio: Protesters Serve as Welcoming Committee at Galeo International Airport

iJET Americas Intelligence Analyst, Abbott Matthews is on the ground in Brazil to cover the Rio 2016 Olympic Games throughout August. Stay tuned for related iJET alerts and Olympic Briefs in the Daily Intelligence Briefing beginning Aug. 5.

Turkey: Focus on Post-Coup Purge amid State of Emergency

On July 20, in the wake of the failed July 15-16 coup bid by factions within the country's military, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declared a three-month state of emergency, ostensibly to "eliminate the threat to democracy" in Turkey. Claiming the push to topple him was masterminded by US-based leader of the Hizmet movement and rival Fethullah Gülen, Erdoğan had already launched a sweeping retaliatory purge against suspected opponents of the Turkish administration - primarily within the military, judiciary, and police establishments. 

LGBT Travelers Could Face Risks During 2016 Olympics In Brazil

In Rio de Janeiro, the primary location for the majority of the 2016 Olympics events, LGBT travelers are likely to be safest in areas with a high concentration of LGBT venues and in mid- to upper-class neighborhoods but should maintain a low profile if attending the Olympic events or visiting parts of Rio other than areas along the southern beaches.

US: Republican and Democratic National Conventions Prompt Heightened Security Measures amid Potentially Disruptive Protests

The 2016 Republican National Convention (RNC), to be held in Cleveland, Ohio from July 18-21, and the Democratic National Convention (DNC), to be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from July 25-28, have the potential to be controversial and disruptive events. Both of the conventions are designated as National Special Security Events (NSSEs), meaning they could become targets of international/domestic terrorism or other criminal activity.