Philippines: President Duterte's Strident Rhetoric Unlikely to Impact US Business Interests

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's persistent anti-US rhetoric is generating increasing uncertainty in bilateral relations with its primary security ally and major business partner. The president's controversial policy statements - including pledges to end military exercises, demands for US special forces to withdraw from Mindanao, and an economic separation from the US - would, if enacted, mark a significant deterioration in relations between Manila and Washington, DC. 

Pre-Travel Health Planning Can Help You Avoid Common Issues

Pre-travel health planning is paramount. Travelers can face a variety of health-related threats while traveling abroad from infectious diseases and injury to exacerbating pre-existing medical conditions. Fortunately, many of these issues can be mitigated and even prevented prior to departure. Let's take a look at some basic and proactive pre-travel health measures you should consider before any international trip.

Forecasting Risk: How to Maximize Assessment Efforts Using Minimal Resources

Many organizations commit significant resources to forecast a market's growth potential. Before investing in a company, it is likely we would review a summary prospectus of their potential earnings. We also look to the National Weather Service for a forecast to determine our resource needs for a weather-dependent activity, days or possibly weeks, in advance. So why, given the need to conduct effective and efficient risk analysis beyond picking low-hanging fruit, is there such a limited effort to forecast risk? 

Hurricane Matthew Devastates Hispaniola; Takes Aim at Southeast US

Hurricane Matthew quickly strengthened into the first Category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic Basin since 2007 and left widespread destruction in Hispaniola. Haiti, in particular, faces a humanitarian crisis after Matthew hit the impoverished island nation with force.