Is Your Workplace Prepared for Cold & Flu Season?

Influenza (or flu) season has begun in the Northern Hemisphere, where flu activity will continue to increase in the coming months. Even though the flu is a highly contagious and potentially serious disease, many employers do not recognize it as a significant threat and likely suffer losses to their bottom line as a result. iJET health analyst, Melissa Dudley shares four key steps for keeping your people healthier. 

South Korea: Major Business Disruptions Unlikely despite Presidential Impeachment

The possible departure of President Park could significantly impact domestic and foreign policy, as the scandal has thrown the country's political alliances into disarray at a time when conditions already suggest that the opposition could win the next presidential election. The impeachment process and movement to oust Park will prolong uncertainty in the country in the short term; however, there is likely to be little impact on companies with operations in South Korea.

Philippines: Threat of Militancy Increasing amid Islamic State Inspiration

The threat from militancy is increasing in the Philippines as Islamic State (IS) encourages cohesion among, and inspires attacks by, regional militant groups. Though fears that IS fighters will flock to the southern Philippines, amid a major counteroffensive against the group in the Middle East, are likely overstated, a capable and well-financed preexisting network of local groups means that significant outside support is not required to intensify militant operations.

Philippines: High-profile Campaign against Illegal Drugs Currently Presents Low Threat to Personnel or Business Operations

President Rodrigo Duterte's high-profile campaign against the illegal drug trade is prompting growing concern about the security situation in the Philippines. Dozens of extrajudicial killings have occurred daily since Duterte took office June 30, leaving an estimated 4,000 people dead as of early November. As the campaign has progressed, Duterte has moved swiftly to silence critics, and he is seemingly allowing security personnel to operate with increasing impunity. Under current conditions, the primary concerns for travelers and multinational businesses are pre-existing criminal threats, and those unaffiliated with the drug trade or drug use are unlikely to be targeted.