US Officials Contemplate Third MMR Vaccine Dose in Light of Rising Mumps Outbreaks

Due to the increasing number of mumps outbreaks in highly vaccinated communities, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) – a group of experts that provides advice regarding vaccine recommendations for children and adults in the US – announced in February that they will be looking into whether a third dose of the MMR vaccine should be recommended. The outcome of this deliberation is not expected until February 2018.

United Kingdom: Terrorist Threat Unchanged following Westminster Attack; Security-related Disruptions Likely

A fatal attack at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London, does not indicate any new or increased terrorist threat to business operations or staff in the country. On March 22, a single perpetrator drove his vehicle into pedestrians along Westminster Bridge and then launched a knife attack on police officers guarding the Parliament complex.

Mideast: Possible Terror Threat Prompts Disruptive Electronic Device Ban on Specific US- and UK-bound Airlines

On March 21, the United States and United Kingdom announced new measures prohibiting airline passengers from carrying large electronic devices, including laptop computers, in their carry-on luggage on flights from several Middle Eastern destinations to the US or UK. According to multiple credible, but unconfirmed, media reports, the new security measures were triggered by intelligence that an Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group has developed bombs that can be disguised as batteries for electronic devices.

Turkey & the Netherlands Diplomatic Row: Latest Update

The political row that recently erupted between the Netherlands and Turkey is already showing signs of settling into a war of words, accompanied by largely symbolic diplomatic tit-for-tat measures. Despite harshly worded threats by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to implement strong reprisals against the government in The Hague, Ankara is unlikely to enact serious sanctions that would severely hamper Dutch business interests in Turkey.