Worldwide: Malware Attacks

The WannaCry malware attack that started in the UK on May 12 has reportedly spread to more than 70 countries, including the US, Italy, China, and Russia. The attack exploits a Microsoft Windows vulnerability dubbed 'EternalBlue' (MS17-010) that was recently leaked to the public by the Shadow Brokers hacker group. 

Gaps in Vaccination Coverage: Measles Outbreaks in Europe

Vaccination standards and requirements vary by country in Europe. Therefore, sporadic outbreaks of vaccine-preventable diseases - including measles - are not uncommon. However, the potential for large outbreaks occurs when immunization coverage drops below 95 percent, and the population of unvaccinated individuals in the European Union (EU) has increased in recent years. This is thought to be due, at least in part, to declining childhood vaccination rates in response to perceived risks, fear, and speculation regarding an incorrect and disproven association between vaccines and autism...

Potential Yellow Fever Vaccine Shortage in the US

The current outbreak of yellow fever in Brazil, has also strained existing stock, and Sanofi Pasteur, the manufacturer of yellow fever vaccine, has announced that once exhausted, no additional product will be available until mid-2018. Given the anticipated critical shortage, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of an alternate vaccine; Stamaril, to protect against this disease. Stamaril, available in Europe, had not previously been used for US residents and is considered “experimental” by US authorities.

North Korea: Security Situation in Northeast Asia to Remain Stable, despite Heated Rhetoric and US Military Maneuvers

Inflamed rhetoric from North Korea and the US has spiked tensions on the Korean Peninsula and alarmed Northeast Asia. The US has threatened pre-emptive action to thwart a nuclear weapons test widely expected by the end of April. North Korean officials have charged that they would also pre-emptively strike if faced with the imminent prospect of a US attack. US President Donald Trump has ordered the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson to the Sea of Japan in a show of force against North Korea...