Update: Executive Order on Travel Restrictions

Tuesday Feb. 14, 2017

Update: Executive Order on Travel Restrictions

As a follow up to our January 30 Special Report, iJET's Editor in Chief, Ed Daly hosted an update webinar with guest speaker Alejandro N. Mayorkas, former Deputy Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security and iJET Analyst, Sean Wolinksy from the Americas team. The panel addressed the timeline and key provisions of this Executive Order, known and potential impacts for global businesses and the travel industry, and provided an update on the current state of legal proceedings generated by the order. Additionally, Mr. Mayorkas spoke to provisions of an unreleased draft order that could be a harbinger of additional policy changes that may have similar or wider-reaching implications for travel and business operations. 
  • Jan. 27 – EO signed by President Trump
  • Jan. 28 – New York Judge issues emergency stay
  • Feb. 3 – Temporary restraining order (TRO) issued
  • Feb. 4 – Department of Justice files emergency motion
  • Feb. 5 – 9th Circuit Court denies DOJ’s request for stay
  • Feb. 7 – 9th Circuit Court hears oral arguments
  • Feb. 9 – 9th Circuit Court upholds TRO 
  • What's Next? 

Click here to watch the on-demand version of this webinar, iJET Update: Executive Order on Travel Restrictions

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