Corporate and government security operations centers (SOCs) have long been tasked with monitoring the physical security of organizations’ operations and key personnel, standing ready to respond to breaches or disruptions. However, SOCs are now assuming a more proactive stance and are actively seeking to identify threats and trends before incidents occur.

The challenge is to assemble the right mix of skills, tools and resources to effectively meet the global needs of the organization — without overextending the budget.

Improve Security Operations with iJET’s Intelligence Operations Center

iJET’s Intelligence Operations Center is central to the 24x7 services and support we deliver to our clients. Your business operations never cease, and neither do ours. The intelligence, analysis, and advice that enables clients to make proactive, informed decisions and maintain continuity of operations starts here.

Extend your SOC

Whether you use our operations center or expand one of your own, iJET can help. We’re continuing to lead the curve on the next generation operational risk management. With iJET’s Intelligence Operations Center, you can:

  • Deliver timely, predictive intelligence - Provide your global team with early threat warnings.
  • Add dedicated iJET personnel to your organization - Create custom intelligence and reports that reflect (only) your organization’s operations and interests, globally.
  • Train your team - Once trained on the intelligence gathering and creation process, your people will be better able to monitor for potential disruptions.
  • Guide your SOC expansion - Build on the best practices of dozens of iJET clients.

Interested in building an operations center at your facility? Contact us to learn what we have done for other clients, and how we can help you.

Next Generation SOC

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